Rural Agree Toolbox

1st Step – Good Practises

This Guideline will set the basis for the development and scope definition of the project. It will include an assessment and discussion about the state of the art, methodology to achieve the involvement of the main stakeholders in the project objectives, identification of local and regional examples of good entrepreneurship practices in the agri-food sector, as well as the transferability and pedagogic focus and necessities of the target groups.

Good practices will include relevant initiatives targeted at fostering entrepreneurship in agri-food sector providing a comparative assessment of the success degree, strengths and weaknesses among different experiences. This evaluation should represent a basis for facing the main challenges not only for the primary sector, but also for downstream/processing industries.
The assessment should pay attention to innovative aspects showing how features such as globalization, technical progress and ecological agriculture influence entrepreneurship in rural activity environment.
This report will set the basis for the build-up and development of stakeholders group by every partner in their locations. The Italian partner LAMORO, will prepare a specific questionnaire that is going to be delivered by every partner within target groups of their regions. The questionnaire will be soon available on the RURAL AGREE website.

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