Rural Agree Toolbox

RURAL AGREE - Digital Training for Agricultural Sector Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

Rural Agree project is conceived as a tool to promote entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector in rural areas, through the digital training of the youth, facilitating the learning of contents in business management specifically adapted to the agri-food sector in rural areas, and in the analysis and exchange of good practices.

The objective of this project is a professional qualification that promotes entrepreneurship in women and men who have bet or are interested in betting on rural areas to develop their professional activity within the agri-food sector. This is pursued through their training in management, financing, distribution and communication capacities, thus contributing to the sustainable development of these regions.

The project is based on three priorities:

  1. to foster entrepreneurship in rural areas, through integrated digital training based on the development of innovative pedagogical tools: learning games or gamification. It is aimed at improving transversal skills in business management and the exchange of good entrepreneurship practices.
  2. promotion of work-based learning. It is intended to perform a comparative assessment of the management methods in agrarian farms and agrifood transformation entities, looking for the best practices available, and encouraging their dissemination and transfer through the knowledge networks started up in the project.
  3. to boost self-employment, through the active empowerment of young people in rural areas, with actions that support the effective implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe and foster the creation of economic activity with a special focus on women and the promotion of business initiatives for the sustainable development of rural areas.

The target groups of the Rural Agree project are:

  • Beneficiaries in the strict sense, or people to whom the formative contents of the Project, will train to develop a professional economic activity in the rural agri-food sector, with greater guarantees of success.
  • Interest groups, such as those integrating the formative contents developed by the project into their service offer, and/or will benefit from the international exchange of experiences to improve their skills.
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