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Thursday, 20 December 2018 09:28

Best Practices implemented

Read our 4th newsletter here.

Thursday, 13 December 2018 11:12

Rural Agree Newsletter Vol.4

Read our 4th newsletter here.

Local seminars have been held on the dissemination of the Rural Agree project and its intellectual products in each of the participating countries.

Dissemination through local workshops have been carried out in the main phases of the project.

  • - Presentation of the project (Once the corporate image has been designed) M5
  • - Presentation of the collaborative platform and the training contents M10
  • - Presentation of gamification games in the production phase M13
  • - Presentation of the project results M24

In all cases, local and regional stakeholders, as well as participants in the Pilot Action, have been invited antook part.

IO included:




Wednesday, 26 September 2018 14:02

View our poster

 The poster of our project is ready!


Wednesday, 26 September 2018 13:24

Questionnaire for stakeholders

The aim of the questionnaire is to collect already existent experiences about the promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of the agri-food sector. The countries where the questionnaire is spread out are: Belgium, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain. In each of this country, stakeholders are requested to participate in the below questionnaire, in order to prepare next action about the training activities (how to support the entrepreneurship) for agrifood entrepreneurs

All questions are referred to the agri-food sector.


  1. Do you know specific programmes/national law/regional funds dedicated to push the entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector? If yes, can you list them with a brief description?
  2. Do you know any real examples of best practices in each country related to entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector?
  3. What are the main supporting actors (Chambers of Commerce, Professional Trade Unions, Municipalities, Regional/National Authority, ERDF funds, private entities) in your countries for the agrifood sector?
  4. What kind of support is possible for the agrifood sector in your country/region?
  5. Do you know if there is the possibility in your country/region to carry out activities of e-learning trainings? If yes, can you list them with a brief description?
  6. From you side, what type of support (economic, concrete, technical, knowledge, training) do you think that is more useful for the promotion and support of the entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector?
  7. What challenges SMEs and entrepreneurs in agro-food should face?
  8. Do you have any recommendation or suggestion?

The 4th Transnational Meeting for the European project “Rural Agree: “Digital Training for Agricultural Sector Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas” was successfully held 8th - 9th of May 2018, in Kajaani, Finland. The project is co- funded by European Commission under the European Programme Erasmus+ and since 2016 has achieved to meet the targets of European Policy in fostering entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector in Rural Areas.

During the Meeting KAMK University presented partners’ proposal, regarding the appropriate content of the games which developed in order to be suitable for the target group audience.

As the project is successfully ongoing, a collaborative platform and 5 different Learning Games were developed covering the main fields of the Formative Units (Marketing, Management Capacity in Rural Areas, Management, Finance, Internationalization).

The platform contains all the training contents, the study cases and the best practices that have been developed in the project to promote entrepreneurship in the rural agri-food sector. It allows the interaction of the projects with the stakeholders as well as the opening of the results to any beneficiary.

The Learning games are based on real cases, so as to give users the opportunity to become managers to their own formation. The learning games are available in English, Spanish, Finish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian and Romanian.

For more information about the Project and its actions you can visit its Official Website and Project’s pages in Social Media:


The Third Transnational Meeting for the European project “Rural Agree: “Digital Training for Agricultural Sector Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas” was successfully held in Brussels on the 10th of October 2017.

The project aims at promoting participation, entrepreneurship and self-employment of the youth from rural areas in the agri-food sector through digital learning tools. The long-term goals of this initiative include the sustainable development of rural areas while mitigating their gender and socio-economic imbalances compared to urban areas through a higher level of employability and economic diversification.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:24

Rural agree project newsletters

Click here to read our first newsletter.

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Click here to read our third newsletter.

Enterprises in the agro-food sector need to adapt swiftly to differing seasons, market and price fluctuations, changing regulations and the environment. There is a very quick exchange of information over the internet. Information is widely spread, so that for companies it is difficult to be different from others. As a consequence, employees and employers in the sector need to be dynamic. Enterprising competencies such as customer orientation and communication, innovation, efficiency and planning ensure growth in the sector.

This practical guide will give you insight on how to improve these enterprising competencies for managers and their teams in the agro-food sector.

Click here to download it.

For the aims of Rural Agree project a report has conducted on the good entrepreneurship practices in the European agri-food sector,with a specific focus on Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece, Belgium and Finland.

This Report is an important milestone of the project, as it guides the development and final achievement of the formative objectives

Click here to download it!

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